Connie Francis

May 2, 2020

Life after Connie Francis (Part 4)

After finding that the time had come to create new horizons, I joined up with Tash Howard. He was a real "character" but, also a very wise businessman.
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May 1, 2020

Life after Connie Francis (Part 3)

As I went to Connie's office, I had to wait in the sitting area, a lobby which was the area where visitors would wait for someone inside to have them called into area.
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April 30, 2020

Life after Connie Francis (Part 2)

Commuting to New York City from New Jersey was a totally new part of my life. It was simply a thrill for me to leave my house at 10:00 am and get to Connie Francis office at about 11:00 am...
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April 29, 2020

Life after Connie Francis (Part 1)

I was only 20 years old when, as a young songwriter, I had co-written a top ten song. As a result of that achievement I was invited to attend the 11th Annual Broadcast.
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